Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate Certification 1Z0-071 Dumps Exam Materials

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Oracle Corporation is a US multinational computer technology company headquartered in Redwood Shores, California. The company specializes in the development and marketing of database software and technology Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate 1Z0-071 dumps, cloud computing systems and enterprise software products – especially its own branded database management system.
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The company also develops and builds tools for database development and middle-tier software systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, customer relationship management (CRM) software and supply chain management (SCM) software.

How to Pass Oracle 1Z0-071 Certification Easily?

Understand the 1Z0-071 Certification test objectives

When you know the goal of the paper, it’s coming soon, and you can easily prepare for the exam and clear it. Also, learn the importance percentage of each topic and learn accordingly. The test content is too transparent, allowing learners to easily weight the topic while learning. In addition, candidates can get exam details such as questions, scores, time limits, and more. Therefore, in order to easily clear the course, you can focus on the simple part of the appropriate and important topic.

Master a skill

In theory, getting knowledge about computer hardware and software concepts is very different from the skills that actually develop it. Therefore, only book knowledge is not enough, and practical knowledge must be effectively developed to help develop the required professional skills. For Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate 1Z0-071 testing, hands-on or lab experience, including Oracle VM VirtualBox, Linux, Microsoft Evaluation Software, VyOS Virtual Router and more. Therefore, you must experience actual or real experiences, which will help to clean up the exam easily. To this end, sockets such as technician tools may be required for any PC and legacy hardware. This helps to develop hardware skills, which also helps to clear inspections with flying colors.

Pay attention to all reading materials

The course comes with many reading materials of its own importance. Therefore, if you focus on written materials, you should also browse videos and other online training tools as they have advanced points. These materials are also equipped with paper that varies according to the level of difficulty, so it is important to practice for the clearance check. In addition, the laboratory is equally important to gain hands-on knowledge of development skills.
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All concepts do not have to be well explained by the instructor. This does not mean that if you don’t understand it, you need to skip some of the chapters or chapters. When reading, you need to learn by yourself and learn these concepts yourself. Know the technology yourself, as this will provide you with the proper memory and understanding. Learn slowly and steadily in the difficult part of learning how to remember it in your own way.

Practice the questions

Practice makes it easy and perfect. Similarly, practicing the previous test paper will help to improve the cleanup test. Candidates need to deal with all possible problem sets available on the Internet and provide questions of varying difficulty through tutors and the like. Candidates can also find papers from previous years from the test center. 1Z0-071 dumps These papers also help to learn the style of the exam and prepare you for quick answers to the biggest questions. Therefore, the more papers you solve, the better you can score the highest score on paper.

Take a break and relax

There is no doubt that the course is very busy and requires too much dedication, but relaxation is equally important for the need to focus on the exam room. To this end, learn in proper diet, exercise, etc. This will help you learn in a better way. When the exam approaches, it takes hours of sleep to avoid late-night learning and stay fresh during the paper. Therefore, in addition to reading time, please make sure you are also relaxed so that you can focus on the exam.

High Quality Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate 1Z0-071 Dumps Exam Questions And Answers (Q1-Q10)

View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the stores table.
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You want to display the name of the store along with the address, START_DATE, PROPERTV_PRICE, and the projected property price, which is 115% of the property price. The stores displayed must have START_DATE in the range of 36 months starting from 01- Jan-2000 and above.
Which SQL statement would get the desired output?
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1Z0-071 dumps
Correct Answer: C

Which statements are true? (Choose all that apply.)
A. The data dictionary is created and maintained by the database administrator.
B. The data dictionary views can consist of joins of dictionary base tables and user-defined tables.
C. The usernames of all the users including the database administrators are stored in the data dictionary.
D. The USER_CONS_COLUMNS view should be queried to find the names of the columns to which a constraint applies.
E. Both USER_OBJECTS and CAT views provide the same information about all the objects that are owned by the user.
F. Views with the same name but different prefixes, such as DBA, ALL and USER, use the same base tables from the data dictionary
Correct Answer: CDF

Which two statements are true regarding the GROUP BY clause in a SQL statement? (Choose two.)
A. You can use column alias in the GROUP BY clause.
B. Using the WHERE clause after the GROUP BY clause excludes the rows after creating groups.
C. The GROUP BY clause is mandatory if you are using an aggregate function in the SELECT clause.
D. Using the WHERE clause before the GROUP BY clause excludes the rows before creating groups.
E. If the SELECT clause has an aggregate function, then those individual columns without an aggregate function in the SELECT clause should be included in the GROUP BY clause.
Correct Answer: DE

Which statement is true regarding the default behavior of the ORDER BY clause?
A. In a character sort, the values are case-sensitive
B. NULL values are not considered at all by the sort operation
C. Only those columns that are specified in the SELECT list can be used in the ORDER BY clause
D. Numeric values are displayed from the maximum to the minimum value if they have decimal positions
Correct Answer: A

Character Strings and Dates
Character strings and date values are enclosed with single quotation marks. Character values are case-sensitive and date values are format-sensitive.
The default date display format is DD-MON-RR.

Examine the structure of the employees table.
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There is a parent/child relationship betweenEMPLOYEE_IDandMANAGER_ID.
You want to display the last names and manager IDs of employees who work for the same manager asthe employee whoseEMPLOYEE_ID123.
Which query provides the correct output?
1Z0-071 dumps
1Z0-071 dumps
Correct Answer: B

View the Exhibit and examine the details of the PRODUCT_INFORMATION table.
1Z0-071 dumps
You have the requirement to display PRODUCT_NAME and LIST_PRICE from the table where the CATEGORYJD column has values 12 or 13, and the SUPPLIER_ID column has the value 102088. You executed the following SQL statement:
SELECT product_name, list_price
FROM product_information
WHERE (category_id = 12 AND category_id = 13) AND supplier_id = 102088;
Which statement is true regarding the execution of the query? 1Z0-071 dumps
A. It would execute but the output would return no rows.
B. It would execute and the output would display the desired result.
C. It would not execute because the entire WHERE clause condition is not enclosed within the parentheses.
D. It would not execute because the same column has been used in both sides of the AND logical operator to form the condition.
Correct Answer: A

Examine the structure of the invoice table.
1Z0-071 dumps
Which two SQL statements would execute successfully?
1Z0-071 dumps
Correct Answer: C

Which statement is true about transactions?
A. A set of Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements executed in a sequence ending with a SAVEPOINT forms a single transaction.
B. Each Data Definition Language (DDL) statement executed forms a single transaction.
C. A set of DDL statements executed in a sequence ending with a COMMIT forms a single transaction.
D. A combination of DDL and DML statements executed in a sequence ending with a COMMIT forms a single transaction.
Correct Answer: D

When does a transaction complete? (Choose all that apply.)
A. When a PL/SQL anonymous block is executed
B. When a DELETE statement is executed
C. When a data definition language statement is executed
D. When a TRUNCATE statement is executed after the pending transaction
E. When a ROLLBACK command is executed
Correct Answer: CDE

Examine the command:
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What does ON DELETE CASCADE Imply?
A. When the books table is dropped, the BOOK_TRANSACTIONS table is dropped.
B. When the books table is dropped, all the rows in the BOOK_TRANSACTIONS table are deleted but the table structure is retained.
C. When a row in the books table is deleted, the rows in the BOOK__TRANSACTIONS table whose BOOK_ID matches that of the deleted row in the books table are also deleted.
D. When a value in the BOOKS.BOOK_ID column is deleted, the corresponding value is updated in the books transactions. BOOK_ID column.
Correct Answer: C

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