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Lead4pass Cisco CCNA Collaboration 210-065 Dumps Exam Real Questions And Answers (1-30)

In this item, you will need to use all information presented to you to successfully answer the question.
210-065 dumps
210-065 dumps
210-065 dumps
The C-Series endpoint (codec) does not register with the Video Communication Server that is located in a different network. Based on the exhibits, what could be causing the issue?
A. The subnet mask on the codec is incorrect.
B. The ip address of the codec is incorrect.
C. The interface that the codec is in is in the wrong VLAN.
D. The codec did not receive a DHCP address from the DHCP server.
Correct Answer: A

Which Cisco TelePresence multipoint platform utilizes only Cisco Unified Communications Manager for call control?
A. Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit
B. Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch
C. Cisco TelePresence Server
D. Cisco TelePresence Media Bridge Server
E. Cisco TelePresence System 500-32
F. Cisco TelePresence SX20
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
210-065 dumps
Which kind of profile is shown?
A. TC WebAdmin H.323 Profile
B. TC WebAdmin SIP Profile
C. TX WebAdmin SIP Profile
D. TC WebAdmin Conference Profile
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
210-065 dumps
Which two strings that could be dialed to start a multipoint conference that is hosted by the multipoint control unit? 210-065 dumps (Choose two.)
A. 52900121
B. [email protected]
C. [email protected]
D. 5919
E. ex90
F. [email protected]
Correct Answer: DF

Your customer reports that new A/V equipment that plays movies cannot be displayed on their Cisco TelePresence endpoints. This A/V equipment is connected to the Cisco TelePresence codec via an HDMI cable. However, older A/V gear that uses composite cables is able to display content. What is most likely the cause of this issue?
A. The composite cables are faulty.
B. TIP negotiation is failing between the A/V gear and the Cisco TelePresence device.
C. The A/V gear is using HDCP to prevent illegal copying.
D. The operating system for the A/V gear is not compatible with the operating system of the Cisco TelePresence device.
Correct Answer: C

What is the correct order of steps to schedule a One Button to Push conference call between a Cisco TelePresence System 500 and a Cisco TelePresence Codec C40?
A. Configure the One Button to Push field under device configuration for the Cisco TelePresence System 500 and Codec C40.
B. Configure One Button to Push under Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Server andgt; Applications andgt; OBTP Configuration.
C. Configure a new conference under Cisco TelePresence Management Suite andgt; Booking New Conference andgt; Type.
D. The One Button to Push feature cannot be configured without a scheduling plug-in application such as Microsoft Outlook.
E. Configure the Scheduler tool in the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite.
Correct Answer: C

Which two additional items must be configured for an endpoint to register manually with the Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server for the SIP to function correctly? (Choose two.)
A. E.164 alias
B. H.323 ID
C. SIP uniform resource indicator
D. configured SIP registrar and proxy server
E. NTP server IPv4 address
F. unique system ID
Correct Answer: CD

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210-065 dumps
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210-065 dumps
210-065 dumps
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When the Cisco Jabber usertries to call extension 3501, Cisco Jabber never places the call No errors or messages are seen and no reordertone is heard. Assuming that the Cisco Jabber calling search space is configured correctly in Cisco Unified Communications Manager, which of these could be causing this issue?
A. CTI for the end user must be enabled.
B. Cisco Jabber must be reconfigured for desktop mode.
C. The username or password is misconfigured in Cisco Jabber.
D. The Cisco Jabber Advanced Phone Settings are misconfigured.
E. Cisco Jabber does not have the correct phone button template and hence has not registered to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
F. The called user presence status is unknown.
G. The called user has not been added as a contact in Cisco Jabber.
Correct Answer: D

Which video input port is available on a Cisco DX80? 210-065 dumps
Correct Answer: D

A user is currently on a Cisco TelePresence call using a Touch 8 device and would like to change the local screen layout so that the active speaker is in full screen and the other participants are smaller within the picture. Which layout option should the user choose?
A. Prominent
B. Overlay
C. PiP
D. FullScreen
Correct Answer: B

A customer has a data and VoIP converged network and would like to add video to this network. Which two key QoS elements should be included in the new network design? (Choose two.)
A. Configure bandwidth management features to smooth bursty traffic and mitigate end-to- end congestion.
B. Assign a high priority to transactional traffic to maintain quality of business traffic.
C. Keep video traffic on the low latency queue and move voice traffic to a lower-priority queue.
D. Apply bandwidth control features that will guarantee bandwidth for the maximum possible amount of video traffic.
E. Assign both video and voice traffic to use the highest-priority queue.
Correct Answer: AD

Which type of Cisco VCS log shows call routing decisions that are made based on Cisco VCS search rules?
A. Event Log
B. Configuration Log
C. Network Log
D. System Log
Correct Answer: C

A customer is looking for a Cisco TelePresence Immersive System that is designed for at least seven participants.
Which two products meet this customer\’s requirements? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco TelePresence CTS3022
B. Cisco TelePresence TX9000
C. Cisco TelePresence TX9200
D. Cisco TelePresence IX5000
E. Cisco TelePresence IX5200
F. Cisco TelePresence TX1310-65
Correct Answer: CE

Cisco TMS is unable to manage endpoints and an engineer is required to capture logs to determine the cause. What is the menu path that the engineer should follow to capture and download logs from Cisco TMS?
A. Administrative Tools andgt; Diagnostics andgt; TMS Tickets
B. Administrative Tools andgt; TMS Server Maintenance andgt; Download Diagnostic Files
C. Systems andgt; Navigator andgt; Diagnostics andgt; Download Diagnostic Files
D. Systems andgt; Navigator andgt; TMS Logs
Correct Answer: B

In a Multiway call escalation, which SIP message is sent from the Multiway initiator to the participants to provide the bridge URI?
D. 200 OK
Correct Answer: B

Which two endpoints support the multisite option? (Choose two.)
A. C20
B. SX10
C. Jabber
D. SX-20
E. EX90
F. EX60
Correct Answer: DE

An engineer is deploying a Cisco Media Experience Engine 3500 to provide various capabilities for ingesting and processing video media and production capabilities. Which two advances does the Cisco MXE 3500 provide? (Choose two.)
A. automated graphical integration that can embed metadata overlays on videos during processing
B. over 2 terabytes of storage for both local and streaming media applications
C. automated ingesting of video files based on watch folders
D. clustering capability of up to 20 resource nodes to handle and balance incoming media requests and processing
E. live output abilities to provide DV, DVC Pro, DVC Pro 50, and DVC Pro HD format streams
F. ability to create VoD file outputs to WebEx ARF format
Correct Answer: AC

Cisco Video Surveillance Video Encoder cards perform which function?
A. the ability to use existing analog equipment with an IP-enabled video surveillance system
B. the ability to convert low-resolution video to high-definition video for video surveillance
C. the ability to stream digital media to digital media in an IP-enabled video recording environment
D. the ability to encrypt raw video signals to secure video signals
Correct Answer: A

Which configuration is needed in order for Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence to initiate Multiway calls? 210-065 dumps
A. Configure the Multiway address under Video Settings in the Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence client.
B. Configure the Mutliway URI address under TelePresence Management Suite andgt; Systems andgt; Provisioning andgt; Users andgt; Configuration Template.
C. Configure the Mutliway URI address under Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Server andgt; Applications andgt; Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence.
D. The Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence only supports Multisite calls, which is enabled by default.
Correct Answer: B

An engineer wants to stream Cisco TelePresence high-definition video to another location. The stream must be connected to an HDMI input on a display. Which two components, at minimum, are required to provide this functionality? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Media Experience Engine 3500
B. Cisco TelePresence Content Server
C. Cisco Digital Media Player
D. Cisco Digital Media Manager
E. Cisco TelePresence Server
Correct Answer: BC

A customer wants to purchase a video endpoint that supports a touchscreen control. The engineer recommends a Cisco TelePresence MX300 endpoint. Which information about this endpoint should the engineer tell the customer?
A. The endpoint comes with the 8-inch touchscreen by default. You can purchase the 10- inch touchscreen with an additional cost.
B. The endpoint comes with the 8-inch touchscreen by default. You do not have the option to purchase the 10-inch touchscreen.
C. You can purchase the endpoint with either the 8-inch touchscreen or the 10-inch touchscreen. You need an additional option key for the 10-inch touchscreen.
D. The endpoint comes with the 10-inch touchscreen by default. You do not have the option to purchase the endpoint with the 8-inch touchscreen.
Correct Answer: D

Which ad hoc multipoint feature is supported only when properly configured and when the endpoint is registered to the Cisco VCS?
A. Multisite
B. Multiway
C. WebEx enabled Cisco TelePresence
D. Collaboration Meeting Room
E. Cisco MCU
F. Cisco TelePresence Server
Correct Answer: B

An engineer is configuring a live stream from a multiparty conference that users can watch live in their web browser.
Which two products can provide native live streaming in this delivery format? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Video Communications Server
B. Cisco TelePresence Server
C. Cisco TelePresence MCU
D. Cisco TelePresence Content Server
E. Cisco Multiparty Media Server
F. Cisco TelePresence Conductor
Correct Answer: CD

On a Cisco EX90, if the camera is tilted downward toward the base of the unit, how is the image transmitted?
A. black and white
B. rotated 180 degrees
C. with a 2.5x zoom
D. Video transmission is disabled.
Correct Answer: B

Which three options can initiate scheduled or rendezvous meetings hosted on a Cisco TelePresence Server? (Choose three.)
A. video endpoint
B. Cisco TMS
C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager
D. Cisco TelePresence Server
E. Cisco VCS
F. Cisco TelePresence Manager
Correct Answer: ABD

Refer to the exhibit.
210-065 dumps
You must dial the interactive response system of the multipoint control unit. 210-065 dumps What are the appropriate dual-tone multifrequency digits to create an ad-hoc conference with an identifier of 2345?
A. 2345
B. 2345#
C. 5919*2345
D. 5919*2345#
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
210-065 dumps
Which configuration element can be used to specify the Multiway address that can be used by the endpoint to initiate Multiway calls?
A. Conference 1
B. NetworkServices
C. Provisioning
D. SIP Profile 1
E. Video
Correct Answer: B

What do you call the process when one bridge calls into another bridge so that participants on both bridges can see and hear each other?
A. traversing
B. interworking
C. flowing
D. cascading
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
210-065 dumps
You are deploying a Cisco VCS Expressway with the Advanced Networking option key into two separate DMZs.
Gateways for all networks are the lowest usable IP address in the subnet. While you are logged in as an admin user, which command should you enter into the CLI, to enable IP routing to the Cisco VCS Control and nothing else on the internal network?
A. xConfiguration IP Gateway:
B. xConfiguration RouteAdd Address: PrefixLength:16 Gateway: Interface: LAN1
C. xCommand RouteAdd Address: PrefixLength:16 Gateway: Interface: LAN1
D. xCommand RouteAdd Address: PrefixLength:32 Gateway: Interface: LAN1
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
210-065 dumps
Users in a Cisco TelePresence room report audio and video quality issues. You have been asked to troubleshoot the issue. You log in to the endpoint GUI and check telephony settings. Which option would you recommend to resolve the issue?
A. Audio/video quality issues are generally due to low bandwidth. Contact your carrier to increase the bandwidth.
B. andquot;DSCP For TelePresenceandquot; is not correct. Configure the correct value via codec GUI.
C. andquot;DSCP For Audioandquot; is not correct. Configure the correct value via codec GUI.
D. DSCP values are correct. Check the QoS configuration on the router.
E. The andquot;DSCP For TelePresenceandquot; and andquot;DSCP For Audioandquot; values are not correct. Configure the correct value in codec GUI.
F. The andquot;DSCP For TelePresenceandquot; and andquot;DSCP For Audioandquot; values are not correct. Configure the correct value in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager service parameter.
Correct Answer: F

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